SciToons is an educational YouTube channel aimed at creating informative and engaging animated videos on STEM topics. I joined SciToons because it gave me the the chance to develop my science communication and story telling abilities, as well as the opportunity to learn After Effects. 

During my first semester at SciToons, I helped develop the script and then animate a video on misinformation that can happen in data visualization.


status - finished

length - September 2018 / 2019

role - animator

data visualization

The script for this video was originally written in 2016 by students that had long since graduated when my group took it on. A lot of my early work was put into rewriting the script and finding relevant examples in real life that we could draw directly from for the video. Once that was finalized, we created storyboards and mood boards for the video. Because this was my first time working in After Effects, my partner took the lead and created the character to the right, which determined the stylistic tone of the video.  Each of us generated all of the assets and animations for our respective halves of the video. 

1. Still from the cherry-picking scene // 2. An annotated page from my original storyboard // 3. The color palette for the video // 4. Process of ideating from a sketched to a flat version of an asset // 5. Main character created by my partner, which determined the overall style of the video // 6. Screenshot of Adobe After Effects // 7. The final video

hgkuyf buk.png