This is a collection of the odds and ends illustration work that I do that doesn't need an entire project section to be described. This collection includes freelance work, personal projects, and side jobs from my internships. 

Adobe Illustrator is one of my all-time favorite programs, so I am always taking on projects that let me push my knowledge and explore the software. Check out my work on SciToons to see how I pair After Effects with Illustrator. 

If you're interested in my illustration work, feel free to reach out with any inquiries! 

illustration work

status - in progress

type - freelance / personal


As part of a rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was brought on to help with visual design and communication for an open source ventilator project through Brown University, including creating the team logo. 

1.  Banner created for the BRUNO2 website using the logo I designed.

cloud agronomics

Cloud Agronomics, an agricultural sensing focused start-up, reached out to me to work on their new logo over the summer of 2018. They were looking for a professional upgrade to their original logo (in the upper left) as they started looking at bigget venture opportunities. 

Their main requirements were that the logo had to have a cloud and a leaf represented within it because they specialize in aerial crop sensing. The logo also had to have a minimalist tech feel, but still be friendly and appeal to farming communities. 

After a month of iteration and continuous feedback from the founders, we ultimately decided on the cloud and field logo shown in the bottom four images. The top portion of the logo represents both a cloud and a sky, while the lower half can be seen as a leaf and a field.


As part of my deliverables, I created 16 variations of the logo that included different color combinations and title arrangements, as well as the renders and final files for their promotional stickers.


1.  The original Cloud Agronomics logo // 2. Initial logo sketches based off of conversations with the founders // 3. Additional initial sketches // 4. First run-through of logo ideas based off sketch feedback and provided logo inspiration // 5. Developed sketch of favorite concept // 6. Illustrator variations of favorite concept // Mono-cloud in blue // 7. Cloud with company name in white // 8. Mocked stickers of logo // 9. Image taken from a start-up venture competition with the logo in background (Image courtesy of the Business Today International Conference) 


design team shirts

My internship with Spectrum was full of odds and ends type of jobs that found their way to the Design Systems team. One of these jobs was designing t-shirts for my intern cohort that would also be mass produced for the entire 140 person Design Team. My final design used elements from all of the team badges housed within the Product division (including Design, Internet, TV, etc.) that tiled and overlapped with each other. 

1.  First iteration of the t-shirt pattern // 2. Second iteration of the pattern, which took advantage of negative space and the color of the t-shirt // 3. Third and final iteration of the pattern // 4. Mocks that were sent out to the entire design team for ordering.

Elizabeth t-shirt 3.png

fuel coffee bar

Another one of my odd jobs during my Charter/Spectrum internship involved joining my team for a day long design sprint to come up with branding for the coffee bar on our floor (Fuel). While none of my designs were ultimately chosen, this was one of my absolute favorite days throughout the internship because it was my first foray into the world of sprints, and it helped me become comfortable at using Illustrator quickly and iteratively. 

1. Isometric version of the Fuel logo // 2. 8-bit fire version of the Fuel logo // 3. Retro version of the Fuel logo // 4. Mocked retro Fuel logo

si-bee-rian honey

What do you get your bee-keeping parents for their 20th anniversary? Why, you make commemorative honey jars, of course! I designed these labels based off my parents' favorite impressionist paintings and created a brand name reminiscent of their Siberian meet-cute. (Yep, you read that correctly.)  

1.  The Si-bee-rian honey jar label // 2. The Si-bee-rian honey jar label on a jar full of un-bee-lievably amazing honey

Honey Label.png