I define experience within this portfolio as the end product of a design that is interfaced with most directly by users. It's expressed through everything from digital communication methods to physical world building. 

Current Projects 

These are my projects that I'm currently working on (or am about to finish) that I'm happy to have a conversation about. 

In a small New England Town...

Establishing a new brand identity

I've been exploring what world building can look like through different forms, form a collection of experimental short stories to an actual board game. 

Motion graphics is the unlikeliest hobby I thought I'd ever have. I'm currently learning how to create more organic animations through frame-by-frame techniques. 

The past few years, I've done a lot of things in a lot of places. As I reflect on my experiences and who I've become, I've started working on a cohesive visual brand to present myself through. 

Expanding my
mo-graph skills 

Completed Projects 

These are a few of the finished projects that are near and dear to me, presented in detail for your reading enjoyment.