During the spring of 2018, I worked at DUAL, an architecture firm located in downtown Providence, RI. 

While at DUAL, I had two major projects. The first was creating a space visualization for the University of Rhode Island's AI Lab. 

My second project was the redesign of DUAL's online portfolio. They sought an innovative take on the traditional architecture website to help them stand out against other firms. 


role - Design Intern

length - March 2018 / May 2018

type - internship

URI AI lab

The URI AI Lab is the first laboratory of its kind to be located within a library. One of the goals behind this was to make AI tools, such as high powered computers and Internet of Thing devices, more accessible to all students. 

My role involved piecing together images of the space, floor plans, and DUAL's specifications to create a visualization that could be used for promotional materials during the AI Lab's construction. 

Final mock-up of the URI AI Lab interior space

There's a certain repetitiveness that comes with portfolios that's difficult for most businesses and people to get away from. I know I have spent way too much time trying to break the norm with my own portfolios. When DUAL challenged me to come up with an innovative approach to their website, I leaped at the opportunity. 

My final design involves a separated text and image split-screen approach which embraces duality. Using a combination of Javascript and Wix's native tools, I was able to come up with an easy to implement image interaction system that highlights    select    images     in    the INTRODUCTION - IDEA - DETAILS sections.

I compiled all of my changes into the easy to use style guide below for future website updates: 

old projects 1.png
old projects 2.png
Dual Wireframes_Selected Project.jpg
three couple house.gif

1. Screenshot of the original DUAL projects page // 2. Screenshot of the original DUAL project description page // 3. Projects page wireframe // 4. Project description page // 5. GIF of site interaction